Why Advertisers Should Join Multiple Affiliate Networks

Last updated: January 5th, 2018 | By: Ryan Williams

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Should You Advertise On Multiple Networks?

If you are an advertiser and you are doing affiliate marketing, you should strongly consider being on multiple affiliate networks to grow your business in new markets.

Major Benefits Of Using Multiple Networks

  • Increase quantity of affiliates
  • Expand into new markets, regional or niche
  • Decrease vendor lock in by a single affiliate network
  • Learn new ways to promote your business
  • Get a more competitive rate

Why Join More Than One Affiliate Network?

The most obvious reason to join multiple affiliate networks is to increase increase exposure. Some affiliates just don't join new networks, they only work with what they are comfortable with and know. You don't want to miss out on these affiliates just because they are deeply loyal to a network.

Another important reason to join multiple affiliate networks, depending on your product, is to expand into international markets. Given the ways of domestic currencies, many affiliate networks operate primarily in a single country. Joining a network that specializes in a specific country can open doors for your business that relying on a single network simply cannot.

Joining multiple affiliate networks will give you, the advertiser, more control in case a network goes down or changes drastically. If you are already on another network, you can more easily keep your affiliate sales going in such a situation.

Each network has their own traffic and so, another benefit of being on multiple networks is that it can teach you about new ways to promote that you were not aware of. This alone could allow you to segment your affiliate traffic so that each network serves a specific adverting role.

Biggest Challenges Of Being On Multiple Networks

  • Differences between platforms
  • Technical knowledge to prevent duplicate conversions across networks

What Are Some Challenges Advertisers Face Using Multiple Networks?

With increased exposure and business relationships can come more complexity. It isn't exactly ideal for you to join every single affiliate network on the internet just because you can.

As someone who has worked with multiple affiliate networks to sell advertisers' products, I think the most important challenge to address is knowing if the tools will match up across platforms. Let's face it, it doesn't take long to join a new network and the costs are usually quite insignificant, if any, so that's not much of a challenge.

The real challenge is in managing the differences between networks. If you need to integrate with voiding orders or doing some type of reporting, it's best to know if those same features will exist in the new networks you want to join.

I have worked with networks that have no API to speak of and even though they brought sales, the management of manually logging into their portals, as opposed to an integrated approach with an API, was too much effort. Therefore, I recommend understanding how well you can integrate with the networks so you can know which networks are performing or not. For some products, this may not matter at all however, it all depends on your business.

Another issue, a technical one, that must be addressed with using multiple networks, is preventing a single conversion from being credited to more than one network. I have addressed this in more detail in another post. In short, you need to only load the conversion pixel for the network that generated the sale to prevent duplicate commissions.


As an advertiser, joining multiple affiliate networks can be opportunity for your business. If you want to expand into new markets or find new affiliates, joining some new networks is a relatively small commitment with a potentially high reward.