Free Web Based Tools For Bloggers That Don't Require An Account

Last updated: January 27th, 2018 | By: Ryan Williams

Are you a blogger in need of tools to make your online presence better?

Do you need ways to improve your site that you can access quickly and easily for FREE?

Do you HATE making accounts online just to use a service?

These are free tools to help you online which don't require an account.

Word Counter

Find the Word Count For Any Webpage

word counter


It's important for bloggers to have certain amounts of words on a web page so that it can rank highly through SEO.

Do you want to quickly know how many words you have on a web page? You can easily just put in a URL to a web page and find out how many words are on a page using Word Counter's website word count. 

In addition to word counting websites, you can also use another feature on Word Counter which will count the amount of words in any block of text

Tip: You can see this page on what's the best word count for Google.



Make images with transparent backgrounds



If you want to use an image with a transparent background but the image does not have one, you can use LunaPic's transparent editor to select what area in an image you want to make transparent.

By using LunaPic, you can use images with transparents background so that they fit into your own background, with whatever color your page has on it.

Fav Icon Generator

Generate Fav Icons for All Kinds of Devices

fav icon helper


A fav icon is the icon that shows up in the tabs on browsers. They are used in bookmarks too. Fav icons are also used on all kinds of different devices in different formats. It's actually quite complicated to know about all of the different fav icons out there for each type of device. 

Fav Icon Generator helps with this problem. You simply upload an image and Fav Icon Generator creates versions of your icon for every major device out there which you can download. The website also gives you HTML code which you can use to correctly associate each icon with its device. 


W3C Markup Validator

Validate HTML and CSS

html validation


If you make web pages, you need to use web markup languages like HTML and CSS. It's easy to forget about standards but they are critical so that web pages display correctly on as many devices as possible.

Even if not all web browsers use the same rules to read HTML and CSS, knowing and following real standards does help. If you have bad, broken HTML, your rankings can be lowered. 

More details: the importance of HTML validation to SEO


Small PDF

Convert PDFs Into JPGs

jpg to pdf


Small PDF is a website that performs different PDF operations such as converting images to and from PDFs. If you are a blogger and need to embed an image of a PDF into your website or a video, Small PDF can help. You simply upload the PDF and it can convert that PDF to a JPG for you, for free!


Image Color Picker

Get HTML hex from an image

html color picker


If you want to get a color from an image to use in your HTML but don't know the HTML hex code, RGB or HSV for it, you can use this tool to find it out. Just upload the image you have, hover over it with cross-hairs and find the color you need.

This tool makes it easy to find the color of a pixel and get the HTML code for it.



Turn Images Into Clip Art

picture to clip art


PicSvg is a site which converts JPEG, GIF and PNG image files into SVGs. An SVG is a scalable vector graphic which allows you to make an image as big or small as you want without losing quality or detail. 

You can use PicSvg to take images you have and make them look like clip art. This can be useful for bloggers because it allows you to make consistent looking images regardless of the original.

Simply find an image, upload it to PicSvg and you can download an image in SVG format. You can take the SVG and then screen shot it or convert it back to another image type if you want. This enables creating a clip art version of an image you can use.


LSI Keyword Generator

Find related, contextual search terms



LSI Graph is a way to find contextual search terms that help you write better content. The tool helps generate terms that are related to a keyword or phase you enter. This means that Google can better understand your content when you use these terms.

Using LSI Graph, you can come up with terms that will help you write better content that more throughly describes a topic. The terms which LSI Graph presents you can have an impact on search engine's understanding the meaning of your content.


Critical Path CSS Generator

Generate inline CSS to optimize your page load speed.

css generator


Critical Path CSS Generator allows you to input your page URL and your CSS, from here you can get inline CSS which you can put in the header of your page. The reason that you do this relates to the way pages render. If you inline your critical path CSS, you can load your other, less important, styles async or just lower on your page. 

By having an inline CSS for your most important page sections, you can load a page that renders faster. This means that users are more likely to stay on your site and you could get a rankings boost in Google.